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Which Job Sectors Have the Most Layoffs for 2012?


A report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas stated that there were 51,728 layoffs nationwide in February, down from the 53,486 layoffs reported in January. (This report was mostly for large employers and did not include small companies or employers not announcing their layoffs)

The following is a breakdown of job losses by sector; showing which industires have lost the most jobs so far this year. Consumer products had the most job losses, in part due to large layoffs by Proctor & Gamble. Transportation was next on the list, due to layoffs by American Airlines. The rest is as follows:

1) Consumer Products industry lost 13,856 jobs in February and 16,320 jobs year-to-date (YTD)

2) Transportation sector lost 14,065 jobs in February and 15,835 jobs YTD

3) Retail industry lost 2,090 jobs in February and 14,516 jobs YTD

4) Defense Industries lost 2,308 jobs in February and 5,942 jobs YTD

5) Healthcare industry lost 4,026 jobs in February and 4,831 jobs YTD

6) Food sector lost 1,650 jobs in February and 4,650 jobs YTD

7) Energy industry lost 2,825 jobs in February and 4,177 jobs YTD

8) Telecommunications sector lost 1,764 jobs in February and 2,855 jobs YTD

9) Computer industry lost 1,675 jobs in February and 1,963 jobs YTD

10) Education sector lost 1,275 jobs in February and 1,950 job YTD.

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