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Can I add new creditors to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy after the plan was confirmed?


Yes. It is not too late to include omitted creditors into your original schedules so long as the debt was incurred prior to the filing of your bankruptcy. In order to add new creditors into the original schedules, the debtor must look to reopen the case and then to request an amendment to the schedules. The court has the discretion to determine whether the case should be reopened. The court will most likely reopen the case to add more creditors only where there was no fraud or recklessness on part of the debtor, omission was accidental or unintended, and the debt is dischargeable.

If your request to amend the schedules is made in good faith, a post-confirmation modification of the Chapter 13 plan may be permitted by the court. A request to amend must be submitted to the court, along with a copy of the proposed modified Chapter 13 plan.

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