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Does Filing for Bankruptcy Affect My Immigration Status or Citizenship Application?


If you are an immigrant who is considering filing for bankruptcy, you may be concerned about how bankruptcy will affect your immigration status in the United States. Fortunately, you don't have much to worry about. Generally, filing for bankruptcy case should not affect your immigration status. Bankruptcy is not a crime. It is a lawful way of eliminating your debt and should have no effect on your immigration status. The only exception is if your bankruptcy case reveals a crime that can get you deported.

¿Es adecuado para usted declararse en bancarrota?

If you are a legal permanent resident hoping to eventually apply for U.S. Citizenship, then you too should not worry about filing for bankruptcy. Qualifying for U.S. citizenship requires having good moral character. Filing for bankruptcy is not proof that you have poor moral character and should not affect your chances of gaining citizenship. The only exceptions are if your case reveals a crime or conduct that shows poor moral character or that you are not paying your taxes.

The general rules and exceptions above also apply to your if you are in the U.S. on a visa and do not have green card.

Your should consult an attorney about your case specifically to determine whether there are any special circumstances that may affect your immigration status or citizenship application.

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