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Trends in Unemployment


Looking at statistics from various souces, an article from Money Magazine found interesting trends for people looking for jobs.

1. Younger people face more unemployment

  • 8.7% of people ages 25-34 are unemployed
  • 6.8% of people ages 35-44 are unemployed
  • 6.4% of people ages 45-54 are unemployed
  • 5.9% of people 55+ are unemployed

2. College graduates face less unemployment

  • 4.2% of college grads are unemployed
  • 7.3% of people with some college are unemployed
  • 8.3% of people with no college education are unemployed

3. Older people are unemployed longer

  • 29% of unemployed persons ages 25-34 have not had a job for at least a year
  • 36% of unemployed persons ages 35-49 have not had a job for at least a year
  • 42% of unemployed persons aded 55+ have not had a job for at least a year

What does this mean? Looks like its harder for young people or people with less education to find a job. Also, when an older person loses their job, they stay unemployed longer.

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