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Emergency Bankruptcy Filing


If you are facing an immediate foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, asset levy or have another situation that requires immediate action, you can file an emergency bankruptcy petition. The filing of the petition will give you protection of the automatic stay and stop all these actions. To file an emergency petition, you are required to file:

-Completed the required Credit Counseling Course certificate

-Voluntary Petition

-Statement of Social Security Number

-Creditor Mailing Matrix with a list of your creditors

-In some case, Declaration of Electronic Filing (if filing your bankruptcy petition electronically)

After filing these papers, you have 14 days to complete the remainder of your petition. Failure to do this will usually result in your case being dismissed.

Emergency filings should only be done for real emergency situations. Other situations require an expedited filing, where your completed bankruptcy petition is filed in a week or two.

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