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Wells Fargo-Nation's Biggest Bank by Market Value


Wells Fargo, a bank headquartered in San Francisco, is now the largest bank in the US, based on its stock market value. Wells Fargo's is valued at around $178 billion and is estimated to have over $1 trillion in assets. JP Morgan/Chase is currently valued at about $169 billion and Citibank is valued at around $108 billion.

Wells Fargo is best know as a "community" bank, meaning their focus is on taking deposits and giving loans. Wells Fargo's growth has come with the growing dissatisfaction of "Wall Street" banks such as Citi, JP Morgan/Chase and Bank of America.

Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 during the California gold rush. Wells Fargo's has more customers in California than any other state, with Los Angeles being its largest market.

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