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Are we being counterproductice on the war on drugs(marijuana) in California ?


Are we being counterproductive on the war on on drugs in California? Should Marijuana be legal?

Here are some bold facts.

In 2011 California spent 9.6 billion on their prison system vs 5.7 billion on their education system.

SInce 1980 California has build 21 prisons vs 1 college campus.

California Annual spending per prison inmate is 50,000 vs per student is 8,667.

Prisions is a big business in the US especially in California, 25% of our nations population is in prison. Prisons are in most cases privately runned, have powerful lobbist, and have bought out state politcians.

Should Marijuana be legal in California so that we can have less inmates in jail(money saved)? Should California be spending more money on our education system vs prisons?

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