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Is Unemployment on the Decline?


According to Automatic Data Processing National Employment Report (ADP), U.S businesses added 72,000 jobs in June of 2012 and 163,000 jobs in July of 2012. Based on ADP's reports, an average of 131,000 jobs were created each month within the last two and half years. Heres how the jobs added breakdown by business size:

  • Small businesses (less than 50 employees) created 73,000 positions.
  • Midsize businesses (between 50-499 employees) created additional 67,000 jobs.
  • Large businesses (500 or more employees) added 23,000 employment positions.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) already recently release their unemployment report. The unemployment for July was at 8.3%, which was an increase from the 8.2% rate that stood from May and June. Despite the millions of jobs restored, unemployment rates did not decrease. This is because more job growth is required to make a full recovery of those who lost employment in prior years.

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