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Gathering Information for Filing Bankruptcy


If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy you will need to gather information about your finances.  This information will be used to your bankruptcy petition, which need to be as accurate as possible.  Also, some documents will have to be filed with your bankruptcy petition. The following information will be needed:

Income information-paystubs, tax returns, and W-2 statements

Expense information-mortgage statements, utility bill statements (electricity, gas, telephone, garbage, etc), food costs, loan payments (credit cards, personal loans, students loans, etc), and other expenses (insurance, gas, childcare, etc)

Property information-need to make a list of everything you own and its approximate value (this includes real estate, cars, bank accounts, household items, jewelery, etc)

Debt information-need to know the name, address, account number, amount owed and when the debt was incurred (these debts include mortgages, car loans, credit cards, tax debts, medical bills, etc)

If you have any questions about bankruptcy, please call 1st California Law at (949) 735-8499 for a free attorney consultation.

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