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Late on my mortgage payment?


An overdue mortgage payment is truly a different animal from other types of overdue debts. The rules for mortgages are very different because the debt is secured by a type of collateral, usually your home. Never allow your mortgage payment to be 90 days past due! The reason? After your payment is 90 days overdue, you have to pay all the money due for the past three months, plus the regular payment - or the foreclosure process begins. Send in less than the full amount owed and you'll get it back. Remember, after you're late on the first payment, the 15 day grace period no longer applies. Be careful not to cross the 90-day mark by mistake, thinking you still have 15 days to go. Contact your lender or servicer immediatley before the due date and ask for a forebearance plan, or loan modifcation. If not succesful and you have other debts, then maybe consider bankruptcy. Please call 949-735-8499 if you have any questions.

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