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Debts Not Dischargeable Through Bankruptcy


Generally a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will eliminate all of your unsecured debt which can include credit cards, medical bills, and judgments against you. However, certain debts are not dischargeable and are completely unaffected by a bankruptcy filing.

These debts include:

-Domestic Support Obligations- this is a fancy term for child support or alimony; these generally have to be established from a divorce decree, court order, or government agency with the authority to impose the obligation.

-Fines, penalties and restitution- when the government orders you to pay something as punishment for violatiing the law, this is not dischargebale through bankruptcy. This includes fines for infractions, misdemeanors, felonies or other fines issued by the courts or government agencies.

-Drunk driving debts- debts for personal injuries that came as a result of your drunk driving are not dischargeable; However, debts for property damage from drunk driving are dischargeble.

-Property taxes- not dischargebale unless they are due for more than a year before filing for bankruptcy.

-Fraudulent income taxes- even if you meet the other limitations for discharging income tax debt, fraudulent income tax debt is not dischargeable if its shown that you were intentionally avoiding paying your taxes.

-Court fees

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