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What Can a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Do For Me?


Every year millions of Americans file for bankruptcy.  As the country slides deeper into recession, millions more will be filing for bankruptcy in the upcoming future.  There are numerous things that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can do for a person needing financial help.  These include:

  • Eliminate unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills, personal loans without an underlying asset, back-rent after an eviction
  • Delay a foreclosure/repossession to allow you to get caught up on your payments
  • Immediately stop creditors from calling and harassing you
  • Eliminate most legal judgments against you
  • Stop IRS property seizures for tax debt
  • Reinstate a suspended Driver's License due a judgment from an auto accident
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Fix a financial disagreements stemming from a divorce

Most importantly, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start and for many individuals filing for bankruptcy is a matter of survival.

If you have any questions regarding bankruptcy, please call 1st California Law Inc at (949) 735-8499 for a free attorney consultation.

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