Life After Bankruptcy

Getting Back on Your Feet After Filing for Bankruptcy

If you are worried about what your life will be like after filing for bankruptcy, an Orange County bankruptcy lawyer at 1st California Law can fully address all of your concerns. We have represented many individuals seeking bankruptcy protection, and believe it is important that you understand every phase of the process before deciding to file a petition. Our caring attorneys can help you through each phase of the process to ensure that you are prepared for life after bankruptcy and can effectively restore your credit as quickly as possible.

Most people who chose this legal remedy to resolve their debt problems are extremely relieved once their case has concluded. Those who have filed for bankruptcy are no longer being harassed by creditors, most if not all of their debts have been discharged, and they are able to start a new chapter in their life. Bankruptcy is not necessarily the right solution for every person, but in certain situations it can be the best way to eliminate your debts. Our firm can also help you know of any alternatives to bankruptcy that may suit your circumstance better.

Orange County Bankruptcy Lawyers Help Restore Your Credit

Are you concerned about the effect that bankruptcy will have on your credit? The credit scores of most people that are in financial trouble have already been negatively affected by the time they file a bankruptcy petition. Credit rebuilding can begin as soon as your bankruptcy case has ended. You can start the process by:

  • Obtaining a secured credit card
  • Monitoring your credit report on a regular basis
  • Avoiding mistakes of the past
  • Keeping current with any remaining bills

Improving your credit score may take time, but you can eventually restore your rating. Our Santa Ana firm can give you any help that is needed after your bankruptcy has concluded to ensure that you receive the full benefits of this useful debt remedy. We care about our clients and their financial well-being, and will always assist you in any way that we can. We are always accessible, and can be reached by phone, text and email. You can also stay connected with us on Facebook.

The process of rebuilding your life after bankruptcy includes improving your credit rating, fixing your finances and also ensuring an emotional well-being. This can seem like an overwhelming task, but it is important to remember that it can be accomplished. You do not have to be regarded as a financial outcast but can instead have a rewarding financial future. The difference between those two outcomes is the strategy taken to not waste the second chance that bankruptcy offers. Our firm can help you understand how this can be accomplished, so contact 1st California Law Inc. today!