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As debts become overwhelming and calls from collectors increase, the decision to file bankruptcy can loom over your head. If you’re faced with a sticky financial situation and are looking for a way out, help is available for you at 1st California Law, Inc. Our bankruptcy attorney has extensive experience helping people navigate the bankruptcy process and can help relieve you of your crippling debt. We’ll guide you towards financial recovery through respectful legal counsel, giving you the confidence to face your future.

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If you’re living paycheck to paycheck or are accumulating massive amounts of debt just to meet your basic needs, bankruptcy may be the smart route to take. Depending on your situation, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help give you much needed breathing room to reorganize your finances without the constant harassment for payments, while also limiting the amount of debt you’ll have to pay back.

We’ll work with you and help you determine whether or not bankruptcy is a desirable option for your situation, never forgetting to treat you with respect and dignity every step of the way. Our firm knows that everyone is unique and we’ll never force you to proceed with something that makes you uncomfortable.

You can turn to our legal team for assistance with:

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Obtaining the assistance of a trusted bankruptcy attorney in Huntington Beach is crucial to improving your chances of a favorable outcome. If you are in financial trouble and are considering filing for bankruptcy, 1st California Law, Inc. is ready to assist you. We can help make this troubling time easier for you with sound financial advice customized to your unique situation. Don’t let collectors dictate your future – you deserve better and our firm is ready to make that happen.

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